12 Downloadable Handouts To Help Create Forms For Your

Play Therapy Practice

created by Heather Fairlee Denbrough of Playful Integrations

This wildly popular set of 12 handouts is designed to boost your confidence and competence as a play therapist. Handouts include tons of examples that you can use in your own practice, and cover treatment planning, progress notes, medical necessity, concurrent documentation, and more! This packet is a labor of love. Heather developed it over years of practice, experience, and honing her skills and now is offering it to you. These handouts are organized, specific, and easily adaptable to any kind of play and any kind of session. 

You will get....

Concurrent Documentation Tips/Suggestions

Diagnostic Formulation & Medical Necessity

Documentation of Play Therapy Interventions

Documenting Homework Given to Parents

Commonly Used Objectives for Young Children

Commonly Used Goals for Young Children

Progress Note: Basic Play Session Note

Progress Note: Example of Play Session Documentation

Progress Note: Documentation Examples for Family Therapy

Progress Note: Documenting Observable Play

Progress Note: Documenting Progress Made Toward Goals

Progress Note: Documentation of Consumer Responses to Interventions

One Packet. 12 Handouts for Support of Your Practice.